Who We Are

The combined businesses of Ports America, Cooper/T. Smith, Shippers Stevedoring, Chaparral Stevedoring, and IMS positions C/PA as the premier provider of full-service stevedoring, terminal operations, container stuffing and stripping, container yard depots, container and chassis maintenance and repair, and truck brokerage and logistics in the Texas markets. C/PA is a joint-venture operation between Cooper/T. Smith and Ports America.




C/PA offers a range of services, including: Breakbulk, Stevedoring, Project Cargo, Containers, Terminal Services, Ro-Ro, Truck Brokering and Logistics




C/PA Office:

2315 McCarty Drive
Houston, TX 77029


Phone: (713) 671-3400
Fax: (713) 671-5655

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